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CV- Anaïs Deneuville

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Currently a 2nd year Master's degree student of “Risk Management in the Global South” at the Institute of Political Sciences of Bordeaux (Sciences Po Bordeaux) and a graduate from the University of the West Indies, enrolled in a Master’s degrees in “International Cooperation and Development”, I seek a position of field coordinator or logistician in humanitarian and development Ngos.

Through my professional experiences, I have gained the ability to rapidly adapt to new situations, and to quickly get used to deal with unfamiliar issues. All my experiences have strengthened my desire to work as part of a team, especially in a multicultural environment.

Expérience professionnelle

Cheffe de service - restaurant d'insertion

Association Aurore , Lille

Parcours officiels

Sciences Po Bordeaux – Affaires internationales – 2014 – Gestion des Risques dans les pays du Sud (GRPS)


Anglais - Courant

Espagnol - Technique