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5th year Public Affairs student in Sciences Po Bordeaux

29 ans

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Graduated from the Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux (Sciences Po Bordeaux) with a Master in Public Affairs and Advocacy, and soon from the College of Europe (Bruges) in Politics and Administration, I am truly passionate about democracy, transparency and public policies' improvement.

My University education has given me the keys to understanding of current stakes in politics and public policies, the necessary strategies to promote interests, and has helped me develop my analytical skills.

As the Country Manager for France (volunteering) at GovFaces, a web platform which is dedicated to politics and whose aim is to establish a direct link between citizens and politicians in the EU, I am the link between GovFaces and France, leading and coordinating a team, volunteer recruitment, managing social media communication and social outreach strategy.

My two 4-month Advocacy Internships in the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (Spain and Brussels) in 2014 and in HOPE (European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (Brussels) in 2013 gave me a valuable NGO/Think Tank experience in the European sphere, as well as Public Relation and Communication skills. I also took part in Research projects : about Transparency and lobbying in the European Health area with HOPE and about Child Victims and Witnesses' Rights in the World with the OIJJ.

Fond of theatre, culture is an important part of my life and help me to stay open minded and curious, as well as my associative experience and my summer jobs. Indeed, my past associative commitment as the president of a student progressive Think Tank reveals my motivation for completing projects, and my seriousness, as well as organisational and event management skills.

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Post-graduate Master

College of Europe - Politics and Administration

2014 à 2015


Terra Nova Sciences Po Bordeaux




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Sciences Po Bordeaux – Politique, Société, Communication – 2014 – Affaires Publiques et Représentation des Intérêts (APRI)